The Realization

Realizations are funny things. When it finally happens it shifts your axis. It moves your world. They are born oftentimes by necessity out of pain. And the moment they happen, the pain is replaced with incredulity. How did I not see this before? I guess there truly is a structure to the human learning process – a methodology. My pain and anguish has not totally gone. It will not go quietly nor abruptly for the process of growing, learning, and maturing is not something that occurs in an instant. But there is a tipping point at which the realization takes seed in fertile soil and, nourished by the tears of agony, begins to grow. The seed germinates and takes root in our dark night of the soul and it reaches

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Symbols of the Goddess

Over the last few years, I have increasingly enjoyed getting into nature. I am also rekindling my interest in geology and these days enjoy nothing better than getting out into the wild with my hammer. There is a magic about certain places that I have noticed more and more recently. You can sense the nature spirits and of course, the Goddess herself in such places. I have always enjoyed solitude in nature and once spent an entire 6-weeks geologically mapping the island of Eigg off the west coast of Scotland where, for days and weeks at a time, I didn’t see another human. I found that I began to have all sorts of spiritual experiences there including hearing angelic singing and seeing certain things from the other realms (Some of

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She gently brushes my graying face With her sweet and airy breath Her musky fragrance pervades The hallowed space around me I have plumbed her depths And I have drank her deeply Yet, still she is a mystery to me She gave me life and sustenance She washed away my pain with her tears Her embrace is like eternity She is beneath me and above me She is always all around me I breathe in her fragrance deeply I am hers utterly, completely Within me and without me The divine waters ebb and flow She is my soul. She is my Goddess She is Life and she will be my death She is the Grail that I have sought She is the beginning and the end She is this life

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