The Castle at Dusk

In recent weeks, I find that being outdoors in nature is where I want to be. The sound of bird’s singing, the bats flying around, the trees… I find it all so intoxicatingly beautiful. The feeling it gives me is indescribable and yet, I am greedy for more. My favorite time is dusk and so I will slip out and take the 2km walk around the castle. I even have a favorite tree – a huge conker tree – that I will stop, touch and talk with for a while. I ask my tree some questions and tell it my troubles – whatever they are. Trees are such good listeners!

Last night, it was truly magnificent timing as the Sun began to set. The sky was streaked with all colors of pink and red reflected in the clouds and when you can get the silhouette of the trees against that sky – the image is truly marvelous.

Walking through the trees I feel safe. Home. Grounded. Secure.

It struck me that this feeling is new. At least as it relates to this place. I always had that feeling at home – especially in more remote places like the north York Moors, the Wolds, the deserted beaches towards spurn point, the west coast of Scotland and in particular, on the Island of Eigg. I even felt that awe and feeling of belonging in Texas under that huge starlit sky, out in California watching the Pacific ocean and especially in the Arizona desert. But here, in the Czech Republic? It is a new sensation. I feel like I am home and that is a new feeling. How I got there is explained in Chasing the Shaman – and I am still chasing him. Before walking up onto the Castle grounds yesterday, I took out my rods and realised that his stone markings seem to have an energy line between them – but it does not extend beyond his two markers. I would still love to meet him as I have so many questions for him….

Meanwhile, I bask in the beauty of nature. I look forward to the weekend when I can get out of the city and away to a more deserted place there to wander in search of the nature spirits or elementals. Perhaps, one day, I will not return as I will have met a beautiful Sylph or mermaid or Rusalki – the female water spirits who come out of the water in the spring to transfer life-giving moisture to the fields and help nurture the crops. She will welcome me, seduce me in a way and take me with her to another land…. a place where the Gods and Goddesses walk and where time no longer exists.

It wouldn’t at all surprise me if that were to happen.

Not at all.

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