Mapping The Špilbirk Serpents

Tonight, I was able to get out and continue mapping the energy lines at Brno Castle – Špilberk. I managed to sort out a few things – one of which was to confirm that there are three lines not two – three dragons! The interesting and confusing thing had been that two are parallel and run pretty close together and this had me confused as I was initially seeing it as one line when in fact, it was two. What intrigues me is that these two lines actually seem to go around the castle while the third which crosses goes through it. The northern of the two NW-SE lines also literally goes straight through the front door of an Orthodox church built in the early 1900s called St. Wenceslas and on the other side of the castle also passes straight through another fairly recent Chapel called the Bethlehem Chapel that belongs to the Evangelists. It is difficult to imagine that the builders of both churches did that accidentally isn’t it?

My next step is to follow the lines out into the city and see where they go and how persistent they are. This will take some time as each has to be followed in turn.

Here is what I have so far…..I have the points plotted in an application with greater accuracy but I need to find a way to dump that to print at a reasonable scale.

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