Chasing the Shaman – A New Book

Sometimes, things just come together. In the last week, I had an idea for a book. I wanted to write about magic like Sue Vincent and Stuart France or perhaps Alan Richardson does but in my own style. As some of you may know, I have been on the trail of a shaman here in Brno and it struck me that his activity – in my reality – was a piece of a chain of events that were truly magical and worth writing about. I assembled the book from various blog posts, correspondences with Sue Vincent, poems and of course a lot of new content and what emerged surprised even me.

Back in late 2005, I got Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul published and it told the story of how my love/fear of the occult had eventually resulted in doing the SOL correspondence course. It detailed how I found an inner contact I call Asteroth and what I learned from her including the rudimentary beginnings of what became The Mystical Hexagram – written with Sue Vincent. But then, in 2006, I met a girl in the Czech Republic and for the love of that girl, I left everything behind and relocated – yes, even Asteroth to some degree. By 2011, that relationship was over and it had left me at a bit of a loss. I woke up to find myself in a country I did not understand surrounded by people who did not understand me and if it was not for my beautiful daughter, I would have left. I was I suppose in the pits of despair.

And then Magic found me again.

Sue finally got me to go visit with her and Stuart a couple of years ago and they showed me how they had worked with the land. We basically spent a weekend revisiting their book – The Initiate. It re-awakened something in me and I rediscovered the magic I had lost – slowly and imperfectly perhaps at first. Add to that a couple of weekends with the Silent Eye over the last couple of years in England with Sue, Stuart and Steve (the three behind The Silent Eye) and a suggestion from Sue in particular to connect with the land and I was off again.


I soon discovered Dragons, Knights Templar, Earth energies and the Slavic Gods. I became connected to the Goddess, in the Slavic Pantheon, I would call Her Živa – the waters of life. Pretty soon, I was building this connection with Goddess and the land through many different techniques and perhaps by chasing a Slavic shaman I happened across one night…..

So, in many ways, the book is the follow up to Inner Journeys as I rediscover Asteroth and much more. I also dare to hope it is the first part of a magical story of my love affair with nature and the Czech or Slavic version of it – and a reconnection with the Goddess….. who truly is at the heart of all magic.

It is out now in paperback and kindle formats – the paperback has photos as well…..

Find out more here.


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