Music has always been a strong interest of mine.

I taught myself Guitar in my teens and over the years have written and performed many songs. My musical taste is far and wide, but I particularly enjoy artists like Bush, Opeth, Stephen Wilson, David Bowie, OMD, T. Rex, and similar…. I’m not sure what influences my own compositions. I like melodic and somewhat complex sounds although often, the song structures are quite simple.

Back in the day, I played with a band called NEMO and we even recorded a single – a song called Norma Jean that I wrote. At College, I was stage manager for a while and I met people like The Police, Paul Young, Billy Idol, Wreckless Eric and many, many more….

For sometime I simply dropped playing guitar – something like 30-years in fact! Recently, I picked it up and magic happened…..

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Post Album Singles 

I have put out two new songs – Help Me Be Me and Risky Business – take a listen to them and let me know what you think? Both tracks are on Soundcloud and also digital music players like spotify.

Risky Business


Help Me To Be Me


The Early Years

Recently, I found myself writing a whole bunch of songs and it turned into an album!

The album is out now – The Early Years.

The Early Years features the following tracks,

Talk, Talk
Gone again
Something I said
Waitin’ for you
She’s out there
Come Down
I Got my eye on you
Just Me

All songs written by G. Michael Vasey. All guitars and vocals G. Michael Vasey. Backing vocals on Waitin’ for you and Life by Denisa Vasey.

Talk Talk is a song about someone who dreams of fame and finally makes it after they have passed away…..  Facists is deliberately misspelt and is a play on Face ist – a song that wonders about how people are these days – full of themselves and their egos and so angry…. Each of the songs has a story behind it as you might expect. The songs Waitin’ for you, She’s out there, and Changes were all written between 1980 and 1982. The remainder in 2016.

Give it a listen here.

Talk Talk


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