It’s Time for The Goddess to Return

For some time, I have wondered what is wrong with the world? This constant beat of fear and an almost collective wish to be annihilated at times. We drown in technology and that technology is used in many ways to drive the fear and the message home. With the idea of a climate crisis – that idea that we, humanity, are destroying the Earth, global political leadership fracturing into a sea of ego laden old men, and now a potential pandemic of a flu-like virus, it feels like a fire of calamity is upon us all. Then tonight, as I contemplated what I had learned about Slavic myth and the pantheon of deities they worshipped so far, a whole host of thoughts came rushing into my mind.

I think a major switch is occurring.

I think we are in the deepest depths of a patriarchal world and have gone far to an extreme. The balance has been lost for a thousand years or more already and perhaps we are now at that point of return? This was the thought that somehow placed itself in my head. I can’t fully explain how I got there to be honest but once I had, it seemed right.

We live in a world that is solar. It is black and white – a duality of ideologies. The harsh light of the Sun is burning rather than sustaining – causing a dry, arid, masculine heat. Meanwhile, the world of shades of grays and of reflection in which our emotional selves can be washed and cleaned. It has all but disappeared? The airy and the fiery have reached a maximum. I mean think about it… mankind has become obsessed with the idea that the planet is warming, burning even. The virus that we see sweeping the planet is one that causes fever, politics has become literally black and white – a duality of ideas with no compromise. In the US, the Dems are losing their identity as their hatred of Trump dictates everything. The right has lined up behind a monster. The very representative of all that is wrong about maleness unbalanced by femininity.

I suspect much of this is an illusion – it is brought into an extreme ‘light’ by the brightness of the solar maleness.  I can and will argue that climate change is normal, the virus has impacted very few people compared to the billions and billions who live on this planet, the old men that run everything (t doesn’t actually matter whether that is Sanders, Biden or Trump in the US does it? They are all masculine dried up old men), cannot remain in power long – they are not immortal.  So, it is as if not only do all the signs point to an airy, fiery moment in our world but those signs have been exaggerated as if by the harsh light of sunlit day.

For most of my adult life – certainly my magical life, I have sought out the goddess. I do not know why, but I have a sense of longing for the goddess. I have many images of goddesses scattered about my home. My inner contact identifies as female to me. The watery, earthy side of humanity has been not just been suppressed but brutally deprived of any recognition. The dry wizened old men took the voluptuous and at times brazen Goddess and they put her in a habit. They boiled her down to Mary, Mother of God, subservient to them and deprived her of any sexuality at all. In a sense, it seems symbolic of modern life.


Even Eve is reviled…

The Moon is reflective and it goes through phases back and forth – a set of shades of grey. Ziva, the Slavic goddess, is the water of life – the waters of the womb where it is warm and dark. The lunar aspect is the emotional side of our lives. I’m not advocating switching one extreme for the other, but I am seeking the balance in between. We don’t need women trying to emulate men! We need women being women and bringing the feminine or lunar attributes to bear in all walks and levels of life. Men need to reconcile with their inner suppressed female side. We need to remember how to venerate the sacred feminine and bring the Goddess back into our daily lives. We need to see that things are shades of grey and that reflection is often better than either obsession or spotlighting. The cooling waters of reflection are needed to balance the burning sunlight of focus. We need to work on the emotional side of ourselves and not just on the ‘betterment’ of life the application of technology without consideration of its emotional and social impacts. It’s time for the Goddess to make a re-entry into all of our lives – in all of Her aspects.

I suspect it is just around the corner – if not already happening. I feel Her approaching. I hear Her laughter. She is in the forests, flowing in the streams, the eternal Mother is returning. And She is needed. I realized too what it I love about this country – the Czech Republic – the Slavic east – It’s that She is so close.




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