An Air of Expectancy (Substack post)

Just recently I have been filled with an expectancy as if I am waiting for something to happen. I know I am not the only one for I have see others make similar remarks. Something is in the air!

Many I suppose would associate this with the effects of the coming eclipse and all of the strange bruh hah around that. Some might rightly point of the astrology of this month and many have, You might also just point to the general strangeness of the world we live in and how that strangeness has accelerated in recent months. For me, I work with Earth energies and it has been obvious to me that something is building there. The lines are wider, the vortices more powerful and the amount of solar energy flooding in increased.

What I will also say is this. In recent days, I have had a real feeling of hope. A feeling that something is about to get cleared. Something shifted at the Equinox and I feel like something good is coming. It might not be good for everyone but I do have a feeling – growing in strength – that for many, this will be an eye opening and enlightening moment of some kind.

To be honest, it is plain to see that people are awakening. More and more are seeing hints of what is really afoot. They are seeing their ‘leaders’ acting in other interest’s interests and not the electorates. They are seeing that the narratives are narratives. There is a low mumble gaining in volume of discontent and even anger.

This weekend, I shall o my usual and seek out nature – revel in it. I shall connect with this planet – our home – as a human.

Last night as I came home from a disappointing evening, I made a vow to myself. That was to enjoy, to laugh, to be happy. To look for the good things and celebrate them. I fear that at times, my lenses of doom, gloom and the end of freedom as we know it, colors my view of the world too dark. Losing sight of the beauty around me, the joy of living and, particularly at this time of the year, the amazingness of renewal, is not a good thing.

It’s easy to be down. I’m not gonna let the ‘bastards gets me down’ and I’m certainly not going to let me get me down.

It’s spring. Everything is alive and awakening – Perhaps humanity too.

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