Feeling the Energies (Published on Substack)

The Earth is experiencing an interesting time. Not only is the magnetic field weakening as we go through a cycle allowing more energy and particles into the planet but the Earth is going through a part of space that has less ability to filter out some of these energies as well. To add to that, the Sun is going through a particularly active period as well. The long and the short of it is that we are being inundated with incredible energies and you can see this in terms of the unprecedented light show that is the Aurora Borealis as far south as England, increased volcanic and seismic activity and a ramped up Schumann resonance.

I can also observe the effect of this energy on the earth energy lines that I dowse every weekend. The Type 4 lines that were 90 paces wide are now 105 paces wide. The smaller lines that were 5 paces wide are now 8 paces wide and so on. All of the lines have widened by about 20 odd percent and more or less overnight! However, in the years before I started dowsing, the lines have already increased in width a few times it seems. The famous Michael and Mary lines in England were less than 30 paces wide back in the day when they were first mapped – now they are 105 paces wide. Rory Duff has more evidence of the lines increasing widths as well and has expectations that at some point in the near future the lines will expand further.

Now, our ancestors knew all about these energies as exhibited by their building and placing stones, circles and cathedrals on them and the nodes where the lines cross. They appear to have seen better agricultural performance, better spirituality and more using these energies. In fact, they may have used these energies in ways we have now forgotten and that would constitute a form of advanced technology for the time they lived in – but that is another story. We do know that working in the energies has an impact on our psyche and well-being. Rory and his network of dowsers have observed that emotions tend to be accentuated in these energies and that visualisation and meditation have enhanced results. I have observed the same and have even almost tripped out in vortex energies.

Now, many people are experiencing these energies as sleepless nights, heightened awareness, feelings of doom, headaches, unease and so on. My advice is to let these energies wash over you and do their work. They are I believe having an impact on humanity in many ways.

Of course, in periods like this, we would expect some biological impact – heightened energies and particles are associated with mutation for example that feeds into evolution of species. Undoubtedly this is occurring now. However, I truly believe that these energies are also impacting human spirituality – heightening emotions , helping us move towards a group consciousness in which we are more aware and empathetic to other’s feelings and psychic state and providing us with an environment to truly create reality if we know how. This can be done in particular at nodes where the energies are strong and at particular times when these energies are potent. Yes, they make you feel uneasy and tired as well but let’s not lose sight of the enhanced ability to know ourselves and in those around us right now.

I sometimes wonder if this is what lock downs and medical interventions were really about – to slow or even curtail the effect of these energies?

In my book – Dowsing the Wyrd Web in Moravia – I provide much detail about the lines, vortices and how they have impacted me. Something truly amazing is happening masked by the chaos and fear mongering in the world. Stay focused, don’t worry and become more aware of these energies and their impact on us.


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