G. Michael Vasey

I am an artist painting my unique perceptions and reflections of life in words and music.

I grew up in Hull, England. Over time, Texas and the Czech Republic have mellowed and refined me.

By the way – I love stories. I collect stories of the supernatural at My Haunted Life Too. Pop over and leave yours….

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It’s a Black and White World

The world is changing and I find myself feeling old and hankering after the good old days….. and then, I don’t. Walking this morning I realized that sometimes I live in the past and I must make an effort to be in the present. I wrote a blog post once...

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What Happens When You Try to Debate Climate Change

I worry for humanity given the younger generations inability to think critically I do. I guess I’ll be gone by the time they wreak their havoc on the world so maybe I should stop worrying… Anyway. When you try to have a debate with these younger people about climate change some...

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There is Magic…..

I believe in magic. Strange thing to say coming from a Ph.D. I guess. The thing is that these days I think many people do not believe in magic at all and it’s a shame. For me, magic is what happens when you just let it. It is that thing...

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For a Limited Time Only….

In celebration of Halloween, you can grab a copy of my Halloween Vault of Horror on Kindle for FREE. You can’t get cheaper than that right? It is available for FREE only today so grab it it while you can….. after that, its 99cents. Grab it here…....

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Just in Time for Halloween

A new collection of chilling true stories…. G. Michael Vasey’s Halloween Vault of Horror – Out Now on Kindle! Just in time for Halloween, another collection of true ghost stories edited by supernatural expert G. Michael Vasey. Scare yourself with this volume of chilling all new stories of the supernatural……....

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The Rock Photography of Walter Novak

I recently helped Walter Novak put together a short promo video for his rock photography. If you want to get a feel for who he has photographed – take a look – you will be astounded. More on Walter at his website....

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