G. Michael Vasey

I was born in the city of Hull in England, and grew up in East Yorkshire, the eldest of three boys.

Growing up can be extremely tough for any kid, but imagine growing up around poltergeist activity and ghosts? G. Michael Vasey had exactly that kind of childhood, experiencing ghosts, poltergeists, and other strange and scary supernatural phenomena. In fact, he seemed to attract it, developing an interest in the occult and supernatural at an early age and he has been fascinated ever since.

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True Tales of Haunted Places

I have a new book out in the run up to the Xmas period. It’s called True Tales of Haunted Places and its a compilation of my own stories and submissions to the My Haunted Life Too website that I think make a very creepy little book. Its available for...

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Punk Politics

I remember very well the adrenalin rush I felt on hearing God Save the Queen by the Pistols. I also recall being disgusted by their behavior when interviewed on TV and yet, I was also enthralled and fascinated. The music establishment was crumbling under the assault by The Clash, Sex...

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Talk Talk

This is the final mastered version of a song I just wrote and I’d love your feedback – what do you think? It is called Talk Talk… Talk, talk Talk, talk Talk, talk Talk, talk A talking head A constant stream But in my head Is anyone listening? Talk, talk...

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Two More audio Books Out!

A couple of audio books went live over the weekend. First, my magical novella, The Last Observer, is now available on audio book masterfully read by Darren Marlar. Secondly, The Black eyed Kids is also out and is also read by Darren....

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My Haunted Life Audio Book Series Complete

The supernatural hit series of My Haunted Life books is now available in audiobook format and all are read by the masterful Alan Philip Ormond. The series includes My Haunted Life, My Haunted Life Too and My Haunted Life 3 as well as the Extreme edition – a compilation of...

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The Black Eyed Kids Trailer

Take a 60 second look at my new book……...

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