G. Michael Vasey

I grew up in Hull, England. Over time, Texas and the Czech Republic have mellowed and refined me. These days, I write, I make music and I live life.

This blog contains everything from the magical to my observations of modern day life. It is expressed through my music, poetry and scribblings. I hope you find something of value here?

By the way – I love stories. I collect stories of the supernatural at My Haunted Life Too. Pop over and leave yours….

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Life lays wanting a diferent way Clouded eyes seek new direction Intellect or via imagination? The Fates chatter in wanton glee They have a plan to set him free But will he ever actually see? And in the silence of the longest night Can they restore his second sight? And...

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Ghosts in the Photo?

For quite a while now, I have been using a photo of me in black and white stood in London by a red telephone box in a number of places. The photo  was taken by my business colleague when we were both in London using my phone. In all the...

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The City Between Heaven and Hell

There is a city midway Between heaven and hell It welcomes all with open arms Pretty women and tasty ale I spent many a year in its arms They come from far and wide Misfits, escapees and those in search of easier times And they gather With foamy beer and...

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Paranormal Erotica?

Well, not really but certainly a deep dive into the world of paranormal sex….. The news has been full of stories of women having sex with ghosts recently – from pop stars to those who seek the erotic pleasure of their own personal succubus or incubus, paranormal sex is on...

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Limited Time Offer!

For a few days, Thomas Bauerle’s excellent book on the Japanese Paranormal is on sale in Kindle format at just 999 cents. Grab it while you can.… Here are a few recent reviews…. This book is really scary and at times funny. It has a sweeping history and geography lesson...

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Haunted Locations Audio Book Out Soon!

The audio book version of True Tales of Haunted Places: A Spooky Travel Guide for the Damned will shortly be issued. Narrated by the amazing voice of Darren Marlar of Weird Darkness fame, this will be a nice scary listen. Grab your copy soon…....

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