G. Michael Vasey

I am an artist painting my unique perceptions and reflections of life in words and music.

I grew up in Hull, England. Over time, Texas and the Czech Republic have mellowed and refined me.

By the way – I love stories. I collect stories of the supernatural at My Haunted Life Too. Pop over and leave yours….

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A Word About Climate

If you read CNN or the BBC or even read the hilarious IPCC report recently, you would be forgiven for thinking that the end is nigh. Me, I’m totally sick of this ‘fake news’ trotted out periodically. These days, if something is wrong, climate change is to blame. Every hurricane...

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Portrait of an Artist

The second photoshoot with Czech-American photographer, Walter Novak, is all done and I’m happy with the results. As Walter put it in an email – 975 shots and I nailed you with this one.   I have to admit, he probably did and his style of photography, I am shown...

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Supergirl Charts….

Supergirl, my latest single release, is currently #27 on the Trend City Radio Top 40 charts. If you want to help push it higher, all you have to do is download their app. and vote for the song as the chart is a vote in by listeners. I’m thrilled to...

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Just in Time for Halloween

A new collection of chilling true stories…. G. Michael Vasey’s Halloween Vault of Horror – Out Now on Kindle! Just in time for Halloween, another collection of true ghost stories edited by supernatural expert G. Michael Vasey. Scare yourself with this volume of chilling all new stories of the supernatural……....

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The Rock Photography of Walter Novak

I recently helped Walter Novak put together a short promo video for his rock photography. If you want to get a feel for who he has photographed – take a look – you will be astounded. More on Walter at his website....

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Chilling Tales – New Audio Book Version

My compilation book – The Chilling, True Terror of the Black-Eyed Kids: A Monster Compilation – is out now in audio book format narrated by Darren Marler who is rapidly becoming the voice of my supernatural books. Of course, Darren also is the narrator and host of the successful Weird...

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