G. Michael Vasey

Growing up can be extremely tough for any kid, but imagine growing up around poltergeist activity and ghosts?

G. Michael Vasey had exactly that kind of childhood, experiencing ghosts, poltergeists, and other strange and scary supernatural phenomena. In fact, he seemed to attract it, developing an interest in the occult and supernatural at an early age and he has been fascinated ever since. Now he collects and writes stories of the strange and unexplained. He hosts My Haunted Life Too – a site dedicated to your strange but true experiences with the supernatural.

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Gotcha Moments

As we ride along in that open top car called life, there are a few moments that I’m gonna call gotcha moments, that shift and alter everything. I’m having one now as readers of my last post (all three of you) will have discovered. It’s like having a nightmare from...

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Who Am I?

Good question. Funny thing is that I have spent years trying to figure this out. I have met different parts of my psyche in meditation and for a while, I thought I knew who I was – warts and all – or probably better put as Mr. Angry and the...

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Lord of the Elements

The prequel to The Last Observer is title Lord of the Elements and is due out on Kindle and in paperback on July 21st. You can pre-purchase the Kindle version….. Edward Bright searches for a lost Grimoire written by a magician who purportedly found the elixir of eternal life –...

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Limited Time Offer!

For a few days, Thomas Bauerle’s excellent book on the Japanese Paranormal is on sale in Kindle format at just 999 cents. Grab it while you can.… Here are a few recent reviews…. This book is really scary and at times funny. It has a sweeping history and geography lesson...

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Haunted Locations Audio Book Out Soon!

The audio book version of True Tales of Haunted Places: A Spooky Travel Guide for the Damned will shortly be issued. Narrated by the amazing voice of Darren Marlar of Weird Darkness fame, this will be a nice scary listen. Grab your copy soon…....

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Kanashibari: True Encounters With the Paranormal In Japan

Kanashibari: True Encounters With the Paranormal In Japan by Thomas Bauerle is now out on Kindle and will soon appear as a paperback on Asteroth‘s Books....

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