G. Michael Vasey

I am an artist painting my unique perceptions and reflections of life in words and music.

I grew up in Hull, England. Over time, Texas and the Czech Republic have mellowed and refined me.

By the way – I love stories. I collect stories of the supernatural at My Haunted Life Too. Pop over and leave yours….

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The Year of the Butterfly

I’ve written a couple of times about seeing Butterflies and even having them land on me. Well, here we are in mid-September and everywhere I go is filled with Butterflies of some shape or description. The flutter across my path as I walk my daughter’s dog or along the side...

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More Podcast Episodes

Episode 11 – Haunted Hotels and Episode 12 – Ghosts of the living are now both out and available…. Please do listen in....

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Episode 10 -Magic and Mysticism with Stephen Tanham

In the latest episode of the Magical World of G. Michael Vasey podcast, I talk with a founder of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness – Stephen Tanham. Steve is a mystical teacher, writer, poet and prolific photographer. He is a founding Director of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness,...

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Episode 8 – Parasitic Entities From Hell….

A couple of years ago on a night train across Germany, I had an old hag experience. Since I could see the entity after escaping sleep paralysis, I was puzzled. How could that be? The experience terrified me and led to an investigation of the phenomenon that resulted in my...

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I Scared a Ghost!

Episode 3 of the Magical world of G. Michael Vasey podcast (tune in here or iTunes etc.) released June 20th, features writer Thomas Bauerle. Thomas wrote a book about Japanese ghosts and his experiences with the paranormal in Japan that has sold well called – Kanashibari – True Encounters with...

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The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey – Episode 2: Talking Magic and The Initiate with Sue Vincent

  In this episode, I continue investigating the idea of ‘connecting with the land’ talking with Sue Vincent, who together with Stuart France, has been doing exactly that in the UK for the last several years and written a series of 8 books detailing their investigations. We discuss some of...

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