Reading the Land

The weather is beautiful – OK, it’s freezing but it’s beautiful. I’m chomping at the bit to go out and do some exploring – as Sue (Vincent) always says – I want to go out and play! However, my 12-year old daughter is engaged in learning new methods to solve Rubix cubes and isn’t at all thrilled about the idea of tromping around the Czech countryside looking for energies, wells and stones…. I seem to remember feeling much the same back in the day when I was that age a few centuries ago and my Dad was trying to get me to go find the ‘old roman road’ or similar.

My Dad was an explorer of the land. He knew the Wolds and broader area like the back of his hand by virtue of a service engineering job that was really barely part-time at times and allowed him lots of free time to explore – or play. It was he who got me interested in geology and archeology. It was he who taught me that an inquisitive mind is a good thing to have. Wherever we went, he knew about the area – where to go, what to look at and looking for roman roads was one of his favorite hobbies. He also made dowsing rods and I remember how amazing they were to use. We played games of hide and seek with them – my Dad would hide a coin and then I would seek it out with the rods….. So, I got good training.



It’s funny really as I have been here 13-years. I have always liked being outdoors and have explored the country quite a bit. My favorite parts are north of Prague in what is called Cesky Raj or Czech Paradise. Here, the geology and weathering has created a fantasy world of standing sandstone rocks that is amazing to visit. In fact, now I think of it, what I am doing isn’t really new. I have been exploring and playing this last few years. A quick review of my blog here shows that. I have even had some mystical experiences here. I feel the Goddess strongly here in the forests and between the rocks. Yet, I feel like I never connected with the land here. I am alien. When I go back to the UK, I connect with the land – I can feel it. Here, I cannot gain that connection – or can I? Perhaps, I simply need to open up and attune to this country? After all, it is a beautiful and mystical place full of legends, dragons and myths.


The Czech Forest…

So in 2020, this will be my objective. To get to know the land here. To attune with it and read it. My dowsing rods, google and my intuition will be my weapons or playthings. I have already started and I feel an excitement I haven’t felt in a long time…. I look out of my window and I want to get out there – I do. Something awaits me.

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