An Autumn walk Through Brno


As some of you know, I live in Brno. Brno is a city in the south of the Czech Republic, and it is closer to Vienna and Bratislava than it is to Prague. It is a city of more than 350,000 and that makes it a little bigger than my hometown of Hull, England, but not by much. I find that surprising really as, while Hull has the feel of a grimy, northern working class city, Brno is more like a picturesque, but industrial village.

A classic view of the City of Brno.

A classic view of the City of Brno.


Brno feels smaller, more compact and is simply blessed by beautiful surroundings and topography. Where Hull is endlessly flat, stretching into the plains of Holderness, Brno is hilly. While Hull is made up of long streets of Victorian houses all joined together in endless monotony, Brno is a city reflecting its Victorian opulence with magnificent mansions and homes, now mostly turned into apartments. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Hull (yes – it is a surprisingly beautiful city in its own way) but Brno has something, well, unique.

Brno is a city of surprises. Almost all the houses and buildings have cellars here and some have courtyards hidden away down small passageways. as you can imagine, exploring the city, you constantly find new pubs, clubs, coffee bars, restaurants and so forth hidden in cellars or down small alleyways. It is also a city with many parks and greenery. This weekend, we went for a walk in the area that we live and discovered Wilson’s Forest for the first time.

We walked up through Kravi Hora where the Brno Planetarium is located stopping briefly to allow our daughter to play in the park.

Kravi Hora

Kravi Hora

Before making our way to the forest, which, at this time of year, is all the more amazing as a result of all the Fall colours. The walkways and small pathways criss-cross the park and are well used by joggers and walkers.

Wilson's Forest walkway

Wilson’s Forest walkway




The park is also at the top of one of the many hills in Brno and offers panoramic glimpses of the city along the way.

View of Brno from Wilson's Forest.

View of Brno from Wilson’s Forest.




As we walked back home, the autumn sun began to fall low on the horizon simply adding to the feeling of awe and magnificence of this amazing little city.



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