The Times Wants me to Die of Coronavirus

Yes, it’s true. It wants us older people to die off with the virus because we are more likely to not accept the climate change crisis. Damn right I don’t accept it and have argued ceaselessly for over 30-years that CO2 is not the driver of climate – the sun is. The geological record shows that, science shows that and common sense dictates that. Just because the young are more inclined to believe otherwise doesn’t make them right. Even the political IPCC doesn’t say there is a crisis and it has cherry picked the most extreme scientific theories to support its views. We now live in a world that is backwards. Older, more experienced and yes wise people are wished dead by the young. There was a time when Grandparents were seen as wise and provided experienced leadership but it is long gone. The Times, which as I recall, was read by older more conservative people back when I lived in the UK, wants us to just go away or better yet – just die. Don’t believe me – read this.


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