Symbols of the Goddess

Over the last few years, I have increasingly enjoyed getting into nature. I am also rekindling my interest in geology and these days enjoy nothing better than getting out into the wild with my hammer. There is a magic about certain places that I have noticed more and more recently. You can sense the nature spirits and of course, the Goddess herself in such places. I have always enjoyed solitude in nature and once spent an entire 6-weeks geologically mapping the island of Eigg off the west coast of Scotland where, for days and weeks at a time, I didn’t see another human. I found that I began to have all sorts of spiritual experiences there including hearing angelic singing and seeing certain things from the other realms (Some of these experiences are related in My Haunted Life / My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition).

Even in the recent past, I have experienced strange mystical experiences walking alone in the bosom of the Goddess. You can feel the energy. You can sense the magic and power of places like streams, waterfalls, exposed hilltops and deep in the forest. Increasingly, I have found that I want to photograph and capture some of that beauty and I am presenting a few such images in this article.


To me, this beauty and vibrancy is something we must keep on reminding ourselves of. It is too easy to become lost and barren in our concrete jungles of cities connected by fibers of light hidden underground and glued to our computer screens. I am reminded of an article I wrote a couple of years ago (here) about symbols. In that article I said that ‘Reality is a set of symbols to be observed, contemplated and learned from..’ The most important symbols are those we often take for granted and provided by Mother Nature like rain or an icy day. I think we must observe and look. We must try to spot the symbols and contemplate what they might mean to us as individuals. These symbols are hidden in plain sight all around us. All you have to do is lift your head and look – often in nature.





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