The Hexagram

I’m unsure how many people may have read the book The Mystical Hexagram by myself and Sue Vincent, but I am sure its less than 100. Even I will describe the book as a strange tome but packed with magical information. The book came about as a result of my utter obsession with this occult symbol. While I was finishing the Servants of the Light first degree course, I kept on seeing the symbol in meditation. The inner contact that I had developed kept leaving me with tantalizing scraps of wisdom about it too. I found myself doodling hexagrams and pondering the correspondences of it. I recall one weekend retreat led by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki in which I showed her this huge diagram of the symbol and everything I could possibly glean from it. She said it was interesting work, but I’m not sure she shared my enthusiasm for it! She did kindly write the foreword however.

Last night, as I was tidying things up a bit, I came across my notebook – the one I used to scribble meditations and thoughts on the Hexagram. I opened it and began again the voyage of discovery that I had experienced. I had copious notes from Comte de Gabalis, for example, in which I saw again the Hexagram as a key to greater understanding. In the work, coincidences often occur and I think it was no accident that I came across a video on youtube about Franz Bardon with a reference to a strange book by the name of A System of Caucasian Yoga. I had that book somewhere and I looked for and found it. I had only read a few pages when I realised¬†– the hexagram again……

The Mystical Hexagram 2nd EditionAnyway, back to our book. After a while, I felt I had written enough – all that I could. It had been a labour of love and I felt exhausted by it. The problem was, there wasn’t enough material for a book of any length. I mentioned this to Sue Vincent at the time and she volunteered to help. She did a superb opening chapter on the symbol through history and then provided from her own work, a view on the Tree of Life that was equally as exquisite as any I had read. We had a book.

I created a set of exercises in the book. I had hoped someone would one day tell me they had completed the exercises and describe what had happened. No one has yet.

I am convinced that the book contains received material that has never before been revealed. Yes, it takes some understanding and a certain mindset to figure it out (like my obsession), but I think the book describes enough to show that the hexagram is the key to unlock other systems and possibly even the key to adept hood.

The strange thing about the way the book came about and in fact, quite a lot of my esoteric writings, is that they didn’t come from me. I am no adept. I am a bumbling, lazy old want to be magician that actually couldn’t sit and describe well what I had written. I do seem to be a channel however for something that comes through and just occasionally, my conscious self makes a quantum leap in understanding as a result.

For anyone interested in symbolism, Qabbalah, Tarot, Elemental magic, Franz Bardon and so on. I urge you to give the book a look over and I am intrigued by what you might conclude.

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