I Feel an Album Coming On

Recently, I bought a new guitar. Then, I bought a way to record it on my iMAC and then finally, I bought a microphone….

I am now engaged in a project to record a bunch of songs I wrote and often performed back in the 1970’s and early 80’s along with a couple of newer songs. Not sure what people will make of my indulgence but I am having fun! One thing I discovered is that my voice is no longer very powerful and I no longer can hit the notes so well…..

However, here is the first track – I may re-record the verse vocals at some point but for now, I’m sort of OK with this.

It’s called Waitin’ For You and I wrote it in a room on the 19th Floor of Dalton Towers at Aston University way back when….

Take a listen and…. please, be kind.

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