Listen and learn – my encounter narrating a life changing book by Lorraine Ansell

How To Create Your Own RealityBeing a professional voice over is great. I learn so many things from the scripts I get sent. Whether it be factual, fictional or a mix, every day is filled with new things to learn. I sit in my studio reading and marking up texts and not just reading, but understanding the words and their meaning. From fun crazy voices to serious news delivery and everything in between I get to voice a lot of creative ideas. One day it might be narrating about training modules, guiding people through various tasks. Another day, an advert. And then on another day it might be an audiobook or poetry. It means that I get the chance to continually learn new things – I should do more quiz nights with the knowledge I am building!

Then once in a while, there comes along a script that really stops me and makes me think. It happened early this year. Usually in January it is all about the New Year, New Year, New goals. Now we all start with good intentions but during the month it can quickly fad away. That exercise or diet regime can fall by the wayside. Those plans you intended to put in place suddenly get lost, caught up in the whirl wind of life and living. But this year that couldn’t have been further from the truth! I had the opportunity to read and narrate text that carried me over the January weeks making it an amazing month. I was lucky enough to get the manuscript for an audiobook by G. Michael Vasey. It was all about creating the NEW YOU. As I marked up the text I began to focus intently on the words and messages in his book.

As I read it to myself I suddenly found myself shaking my head in agreement. Then I began vocalising my agreement. And as if a lightbulb went on, I really began to feel the words. As all artists know, you need to feel engaged and connected to a piece of work. And this is how I began to feel but also so much more. As I started recording I felt that this book would really help not only others but me as well. Phrases sprang out at me, “thoughts are powerful”, “imagination”, “being like a child” and my favourite chapters were all about meditation to visualise and achieve your goals.

I began to meditate on the things that I wanted to work on, both personally and professionally. I followed the book and began my own little mantras. Yes there is that little voice just as the book described that tries to object, hold you back and throw you off your course but I was determined. I put that to one side, put it on the naughty step and carried on.
The more and more I meditated and prayed the more things became clear. What I wanted for me, my life and my voiceover business. That clarity really came into focus and suddenly these past few weeks into the New Year have already been amazing. As I started to create my own reality then amazing things started to happen. More bookings coming through, more and more opportunities to grow and learn. And when I was half way through writing this piece an email came in – I am a finalist for a digital award for my website! Wow, four weeks into this new amazing year and just because I took some time to focus on what I wanted, like a magnet things are coming to me!

This book, so easy to read (and I have read through it at least four times for recording purposes) so clear and easy to digest. And when I recorded the book, I narrated it using the techniques in the book so that the listener can not only hear the words but really listen to them. Vasey talks about magic, control, truth and reality and I hope that my narration is able to give his words that extra little bit of magic for you to find your truth and reality. Enjoy listening to his book, enjoy finding your own reality.

laMy thanks to Lorraine for narrating the audio book version of How To Create Your Own Reality – out soon. You can find out more about her at her blog. You can also hear a sample of the book read by Lorraine here.

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