The Stripper

For many years, I drove everyday – at least once and sometime twice – from The woodlands, TX to the center of Houston. In all of that time, I would listen to the radio and curse that most often, the song played would be never said. I hate that. Anyway, recently, I found out that many of the songs that I enjoyed were by a British band called Bush. Yep- almost all those songs that I itched to know – who? Bush!

Strange. There I am in the US and its British music I adore – though I didn’t know it then.

JF-4It reminds me of a trip I made there for a week and the Partner of our firm took me – somewhat reluctantly – to a strip club. Now in the US, this means topless dancers. My reaction was basically Yawn – Have you been on a European beach? Despite that, the night passed with the partner asking me to chose a girl for a table dance. Partly out of embarrassment, and partly out of shyness, I could not. Pressured to make the decision as 2am approached, I finally did so. I do not know what it was, why I picked her, but I did. The Partner asked her to our table and we started to talk. She told me she was from Hull. I laughed at the irony… so am I, I said. The partner was unhappy. Who cares?

It just shows how decisions we make sometimes seem to have extra relevance… just like my taste in music….

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