Sickened by Conspiracy

Last night, I tapped into the search bar on You tube ‘David Bowie interviews’. I was amazed, saddened and yes, deeply angered by what came up. Video after video proclaiming Bowie a satanist who has faked his own death and much worse. I fear that this has become an epidemic and it is one I personally have no time for whatsoever. Actually, there are two issues at play here. First, the term ‘satanist’ combined with ‘satan’ or ‘the Devil’ and secondly, the idea that people haven’t died – including school kids in the US and famous people like David Bowie.

Let’s deal with the first one first. There are satanists. They do indeed exist. However, all the evidence around David Bowie is that he had an interest in the occult – just like me! Now I know some ignorant people in this world think that occult = satanist but I know better. Occult means ‘hidden’ and what is hidden? The real you! The general idea behind occult study is to study yourself and find the deity within. Bowie wrote and hinted at a fascination with the occult but then, he also wrote the beautiful ‘Word on a wing’. For those unfamiliar with this song on the Station to Station album, I post the lyrics below….

“Word On A Wing” by David Bowie

In this age of grand illusion
You walked into my life
out of my dreams
I don’t need another change
Still you forced away
into my scheme of things

You say we’re growing,
growing heart and soul
In this age of grand illusion
You walked into my life
out of my dreams
Sweet name, you’re born once again for me
Sweet name, you’re born once again for me
Oh sweet name, I call you again
You’re born once again for me
Just because I believe don’t mean I don’t think as well
Don’t have to question everything
in heaven or hell

Lord, I kneel and offer you
my word on a wing
And I’m trying hard to fit
among your scheme of things

It’s safer than a strange land
But I still care for myself
And I don’t stand in my own light
Lord, lord, my prayer flies
like a word on a wing

My prayer flies
like a word on a wing
Does my prayer fit in
with your scheme of things?

In this age of grand illusion
You walked into my life
out of my dreams
Sweet name, you’re born once again for me
Just as long as I can see, I’ll never stop this vision flowing
I look twice and you’re still flowing
Just as long as I can walk
I’ll walk beside you, I’m alive in you
Sweet name, you’re born once again for me
And I’m ready to shape the scheme of things

Ooh, ready to shape
the scheme of things [5 times]

The words of a satanist? I think not. Bowie referred to God more than any artist in his songs. I don’t know of one reference to Satan.

David Bowie praying on stage - The Lord's Prayer in fact!

David Bowie praying on stage – The Lord’s Prayer in fact!

However, I did not know David Bowie and I cannot judge him. I’m sure he was as flawed as the next man and tempted beyond belief. That he made it through all of that intact and sober is a testament to his character. I can interpret, but probably I see only what I want to see – thats the nature of reality. The main issue is this. Occultists are not Satanists. They can be but, in my experience they are mostly not. Most of them seek the Christ consciousness or the Higher self within themselves. For me, people who look outwards for the return of a physical Christ are welcome to do so but they miss the entire point – it is the ‘return’ of the Christ within you that you perhaps ought to be seeking for ‘ye are Gods!’

By the way, while I am on a roll, lets reference Satan, The Devil, Lucifer etc. Firstly, these are not the same ‘person’ at all. Lucifer is the light bringer and light is not bad, its good. Satan is any Pagan God demonized by the early Church. In my view, if there is one God then there cannot be two – there can only be one. In which case, if evil exists then it is simply an aspect of the one God beyond our understanding. ie. If I have to spell it out. God is both all things good and all things bad. There is no Satan. There is only God and that God is within you – hidden – until you seek using methods such as prayer, ritual and meditation……

Onto the not dead theory. Bowie is selling a lot of records at the moment that is for sure as did Presley and others like him in the past but it won’t last. Moreover, have some bloody respect for his children, wife and family! The man died. Or are we to believe that anyone successful, popular and charismatic is in fact a satanist who has power over life and death? People who propagate the did not die conspiracies are small-minded, inhuman animals in my opinion who are thoughtless morons. No, I have no time for these people or their stupid conspiracies.



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