Love Me or Hate Me?

The first review for How To Create Your Own Reality is up… Yes – its a 1-star review that says as its title ‘Awful’. I had to laugh. Hopefully, that won’t turn out to be the majority decision…..

I found myself remarking to a friend after seeing the review – ‘why me?’

The reason is that I seem to polarize my audience. Not for me are a bunch of 3 and 4 star ratings…. I seem to get a lot of 5-stars and a few 1-stars with not much in the middle. So my conclusion is that people either love or hate my work. This perception prompted the PhD in me to do some quick analysis…..

Well, I was wrong…… its actually a nicely skewed distribution towards 5-stars across 111 reviews on Amazon and amazon UK. There is a little loss of the shape at the 1 end so it does seem as if a a small minority hates what I do…..


I guess the truth is I don’t like 1-star reviews….. and they stick out to me like a sore thumb and as a result, I weight them more highly than other reviews…. What I am doing is exactly what I discuss in the book – I am creating my own conspiracy theory and seeing the evidence for it where there actually isn’t any. In turn, this colors my reality and impinges on my life in a way it should not……

I need to be more positive…..

Out Now – How To Create Your Reality – give it a read and leave your own review…..

One thought on “Love Me or Hate Me?

  1. lol Looks damn fine to me. Last year our sales team did a survey amongst our clients and came back giving it “the technical team are messing everything up. We have so many complaints. We are failing miserably to give the client what he needs”. When asked to hand over the data so that we could get a feel for what the problem was… the graph looked pretty much like that. Seems a common complaint of the human condition, then – we can get so focused on the negative, that we fail to see the positive.

    On the other hand, us in the glass half full camp are always surprised when we find ourselves thirsty… :p

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