How can you say you love me?
And yet not really know me?
How can you know me?
Yet tell me that I lie?
All I ever wanted
Was to be understood
Yet how can I expect that from you if
I don’t understand myself!
But couldn’t you take an interest
In something more than
Every normal day life
Couldn’t you try to visit the places
That truly haunted me
Couldn’t you make the effort
Couldn’t you just take the time?
Its funny cos you think what you think
So confidently
Where do you get that?
What makes you actually believe
You know me?
I don’t think you have made the effort
I don’t think you could ever see
What it takes to be me
Just like I cannot know
What it takes to be you
I know that I am alone
I am an island, all alone
Not sure if there could be another way
Doesn’t matter what you say
I am an island
And you are the sea
And in the end
You are eroding me.


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