The Mirage of Duality – I Am A Balance Worker

An article by Cameron Day appears to have caught the esoteric world on fire. Titled “Why I Am No Longer A Lightworker“, this article is well worthy of a read. His thesis basically is that both the dark side and the light side are actually the dark side and that this dualism was created by the evil demiurge to sustain itself through our energy. “What matters most to the demiurge is that we worship it or one of its agents, regardless if they are on the light team or the dark team,” he states.

It isn’t the distaste for the dark side that is creating the discussion but his view that the ‘light’ is a false light and that any channeled higher entities and so forth are also following and perpetuating the false light and he coins the term ‘spirtual liar – archy’ to describe the Archons, ascended masters and so on of the new age world. “The dark side is designed to be incredibly repugnant so that the majority of “good souls” will run to the other end of polarity, right into the “loving” embrace of one of the false light’s patriarchal religions, or to their new age religion with its legion of channels and “masters,” he warns.

He is right of course.


In fact, there is nothing new in what he is saying. Firstly, its rather a gnostic view of reality and therefore it continues a gnostic tradition that goes back centuries. Secondly, anyone who has ever read any Rudolf Steiner will recognize this concept too. Rather than one ultimate source of evil fighting against one ultimate source of good, Steiner believed that there are two sources of evil, Lucifer and Ahriman.Between these two polarities is the balancing point. To borrow from Wikipedia – The anthroposophical view is that good is found in the balance between two polar, generally evil influences on world and human evolution. Two spiritual adversaries endeavour to tempt and corrupt humanity: these are often described through their mythological embodiments, Lucifer and his counterpart Ahriman, which have both positive and negative aspects. Lucifer is the light spirit, which “plays on human pride and offers the delusion of divinity”, but also motivates creativity and spirituality; Ahriman is the dark spirit, which tempts human beings to “…deny [their] link with divinity and to live entirely on the material plane”, but also stimulates intellectuality and technology. Both figures exert a negative effect on humanity when their influence becomes misplaced or one-sided, yet their influences are necessary for human freedom to unfold. Interestingly, many Steiner followers believe that Ahriman is being born into the world or has been recently incarnated as we reach the bottom of the cycle of descending into the material world.

In fact, between any two poles (heaven/hell, good/evil, black/white, Lucifer/Ahriman, etc.) lies a middle point. This viewpoint was explored in great detail in the book The Mystical Hexagram. In fact, we identify three different types of polarity – not just the ‘horizontal polarity’ discussed in Day’s article – and we see Tiphareth, or the central point of the Hexagram as being the point of harmony or balance. As we take on the Great work, we seek to reconcile all of these polarities and find the point of balance or harmony within ourselves for here is the reflection of the eternal spark and our essence.

Franz Bardon also took the view that there were two poles and that the magician must seek harmony between them. His magic mirror exercise in which students meditate on all of their bad points and then all of their good points assigning each to an element so as to recognize which elements need to be balanced internally is an example of such an approach.

So, in summary, while Day’s article may sound shocking and may cause channelers and psychics some concerns about whether they truly follow the Light or are being fooled by the demiurge, it says nothing new. It has always been a magical tenet to reconcile the opposites and to find the balance therein. In that regard, we are not Lightworkers at all. This is a misnomer. We are Balance workers.

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