Fun Mapping energy Lines

I’m busy in my spare time at the moment mapping energy lines on Špilberk Castle. This is the Castle above my apartment that I have written about before. I took my rods out and walked around the Castle one day last week.


Špilberk Castle, Brno – Photo from

Initially, I was trying to use Google maps and failed miserably.  Then I discovered that there is an app for that!! Really! It’s called Dowsing Mapper it is available for the iPhone and Android. It even has its own webpage and youtube video use instructions. It doesn’t take long to learn to use and is actually very easy to work with. I was amazed that such an app existed to be honest but I expect to be using it a lot from now on. Using GPS and Google maps, it places you on a map and allows you to enter a point – accuracy depends on GPS locally – but its not too bad. Having placed the point, you can then give it direction and enter a lot more information about it including an identifier, strength, polarity, comments and so on. It will also track where you go on the map if needed. As I say, I found it easy to use and edit. Occasionally, the GPS accuracy isn’t wonderful but in a place like Špilberk, there are lots of landmarks so you can edit to location to a more accurate place.

So, I have been out twice now and still have a lot of work to do. However, it seems clear that there are 2 or maybe 3 energy lines that may cross at the Castle location. I think there are 3 but it will take more time and careful checking to establish that for sure. That they cross at the castle location is a given as their directions leave no other conclusion. Here is as far as I have got as of today…


WIP in the application on my phone


As you can see, I still have a lot of walking to do. I want to track the lines as far as I can in each direction. Try to see where they go. I think I also need to recheck each point and direction as I think at least one point has an incorrect direction. What is really interesting is that as you try to pick up the same line at a different place on the map, you can sort of workout where it should be. The surprise comes when you encounter the energy line before or after you expected it. You re-walk it several times thinking it con’t be right but then after you have several points on the line – it does fit! The lines aren’t straight like ley lines – they wind and curve a bit as they go. What amazes me is that I pick them up every time. To date, I have been more focused on one line than the others – as you can see. The blue dot is where I am now – home.

You are walking along and those rod cross. You back up and it happens again. You walk it the other way and it crosses again. You say OK – show me the middle of the line and the rods comply. Show me the direction and the rod swings and points. You can detect how thick the line is too. Most are several meters wide. Come back a week later and do it again – same result! As you can see from the photo above, the Castle is on a steep hill. You cannot simply follow the line but have to walk the paths and find it on each path.

Yep – you get a few funny looks. One or two know what it is you are doing though and I have heard parents tell their kids in Czech I’m looking for water. I’m not. I’m looking for earth energies but close enough.

The key take aways are that it seems to work, that many of these old sites seem to be placed where energy lines cross, it gets you outdoors, it’s exercise and its fun! What more could you ask for?

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