The Shock and Horror Show

As I have said before, the problem with the internet is that it is very difficult to get at the truth. The internet is such a wonderful forum for posting opinion and your version of the truth that, on any single issue, one can find articles from every side – all believable until you do your critical research.

Bu who has time for that? No one does critical research. Instead, they seek confirmation of what they already believe to be truth.

Everywhere I see lazy shock and horror stories. Its today’s fad. I just read how the price of oil is no longer set by fundamentals but by the big oil companies and the big banks who manipulate futures. I read this on Huffington Post. Its a crock of course. Fundamentals still drive oil prices but yes, there are people who find ways to abuse markets and sometimes they succeed. Its not en endemic problem but boy does it grab readers who already KNEW they were being robbed blind by big banks and big oil companies…


We don’t need facts. We don’t need to understand how things actually work. We can just make a judgement and find someone, somewhere more interested in creating nonsense stories for the masses – a sort of shock and horror brigade – who will tell them they were right all along.

The masses are being used to create hysteria which in turn can be used to change reality. The world is more complex now than it ever was because of the internet and people’s simple need to be right.

How am I different?

Well, somewhere along the way I realised that there is no truth. There is no right or wrong (except from a deeply flawed personality’s perspective). There is simply a point of harmony and balance. For every viewpoint there is an opposite viewpoint and the reality probably lies somewhere inbetween. Additionally, most things are exactly what they first seem. Despite, people’s love of seeing something sinister behind events – the conspiracy people – the most likely story is the one that first emerges.

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