Six Weird Statements About Reality

Quantum physics – have you taken any time at all to see what quantum physicists are saying about reality? You should because it is totally bizarre. Check out these 6 statements.

If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.
Niels Bohr

[T]he atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts.”
Werner Heisenberg

Observations not only disturb what is to be measured, they produce it.
Pascual Jordan

When the province of physical theory was extended to encompass microscopic phenomena through the creation of quantum mechanics, the concept of consciousness came to the fore again. It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to the consciousness.
Eugene Wigner

In the beginning there were only probabilities. The universe could only come into existence if someone observed it. It does not matter that the observers turned up several billion years later. The universe exists because we are aware of it.
Martin Rees

The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment.
Bernard d’Espagnat

Is reality inside or outside of you? Is it your reality or a shared reality? Can you change reality imply by seeing things differently?

It was questions like this that made me realize that Quantum Physics and the ‘Occult’ deal in the same things using different words. I explored that concept in my novel – The Last Observer officially released today. Give it a look… it may blow your mind!


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