Waiting for the Pudding

We had lunch today at a Sushi place. The kind with a rolling array of dishes that passes you and you grab what you want. We have eaten there many times before and they do a pudding to die for…. Today, we sat and waited for another 30 minutes hoping to see the pudding but it never came. In the interim, we of course, totally stuffed ourselves on other delicacies rolling by. But although we were waiting for the pudding, it never came.


It made me laugh actually, when we said we were ‘waiting for the pudding’. Why? Well, don’t we spend half a lifetime waiting for the pudding in life that never actually arrives? Meanwhile, we get sidetracked here and there and feed on other things we saw, liked but maybe didn’t need? Ir seemed like a good analogy for life – waiting for the Pudding!

Although our pudding didn’t arrive, we still enjoyed the meal. The fact that the pudding wasn’t served today did put a bit of a downer on lunch though because we waited expectantly for something and we were disappointed.

It’s like wanting that car, house or whatever. We can see it, we can taste it, but it never lands in our laps. No matter what the cosmic ordering folk may say, it never happens. Instead, life does. at the end of the day, if the pudding never arrives does it matter? so long as we actually lived life, I don’t think so. So right now, I’m waiting for my pudding…

that would be a house with a tower for my office ….


and a Porsche Cayenne…….


Yes – I like double helpings of pudding!

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