It’s Raining, It’s Pouring….

You have to hand it to life sometimes for piling it on. Sometimes it seems as if fate decides you have had too easy a time of it recently so it will now go ahead and shower you with shit. I’m sure everyone reading this can instantly relate to what I am saying as it appears to be a common feature of human life. One minute, you are sailing along thinking things really aren’t that bad and then…pow! Everything happens and all at once.

I have often heard people tell me in this context that ‘God only gives you as much as you can bear”. That may be true but it doesn’t make it any easier!

kiss-me-in-the-pouring-rain-love-30276829-500-329In fact, I happen to believe that we do this to ourselves. We are experiencing life and it’s the ultimate in mystical and magical journeys. We are in charge – or we should be. The problem probably is that we don’t consciously drive ourselves much of the time. It’s one of my themes I guess, and I visit this topic quite often, that it us we who do this to ourselves. Perhaps ‘God’ doesn’t overburden us because, to some extent, the God here is, in fact, Us.

I have also had conversations with other practioners along the lines of ‘why are we always so tested? I know many in the area of magic and mysticism that really do seem to have extremely full and challenging lives; where the idea of a God burdening them with stuff as some form of punishment is an easy concept to take onboard. But actually I have come to believe and understand that it is us that burden ourselves, test ourselves, and seek experience at a faster pace. We invite adversity into our lives in order to endure and experience. It is the way I suppose and understanding this, I guess I should quit moaning.

After all, by comparison to many, I have little to moan about and so much to be happy and joyful about.

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