Energy lines and Wyrd

A strange thought came to me this evening as I was thinking about mapping energy lines and doing a bit or research on the web. I was wondering what energy lines where? – where they came from? and so on and suddenly a thought popped up – Wyrd. The women of wyrd or the three wyrd sisters spinning the web of wyrd – what if part of that web was Earth energy?

The ancients felt these earth energies and used them. They built huge structures where earth energy lines seem to cross. How did they use them? Brain Bates in his novel Way of Wyrd has the apprentice being taught how to use lines of the wyrd web to propel himself through space. The book is fictional of course but the thought was perhaps the ancients knew a lot more about energy lines as a web and perhaps they saw their fate as wrapped up in that web of energy lines. perhaps this is the wyrd web spun by the three sisters?

It’s a thought and one that I wanted to record for future investigation…

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