Blame it on Climate Change…

I’m not selling as many books recently. I blame climate change. After all, it is the thing to blame these days. The unassailable truth that climate change is the biggest, ugliest threat to everyone cannot be argued against. So, yes, climate change is slowing sales of my books and it has to stop!

I read an article the other day that really brought home this blame on climate mentality of the modern world. It was about aging bridges across the US. The story was about how these are not being properly maintained but…. with climate change, these bridges were bound to fail and cost lives! Of course. It surely couldn’t be a maintenance issue could it? Nah – climate. Then there are the wildfires in CA. Climate change? No – an appalling failure of politicians to manage resources properly… but climate change is more convenient. It supports the narrative and there isn’t anything I can do to change it. Here is a story in Forbes that describes the CA issue better than me.

I do sometimes wonder if we did in fact slip into a parallel universe courtesy of the Hadron Collider, for the level of idiocy, stupidity and lack of any common sense appears to be exponentially rising. Especially among so called millennials who think Communism a better system according to recent polls (I read somewhere last night.) These people believe anything having lost any semblance of a brain in what must be an AOC-like evolutionary pathway to hell. The take what they are told as gospel truth never to be doubted and… if you have the gall to disagree you are racist, sexist, fascist or all three. Thank God, here in central Europe, the youth are a bit more realistic – possibly because they experienced communism first hand. But of course, the real reason for this rash of stupidity is down to … climate change. It has to be right?

The US and the UK now lead the world in silliness. Kids on campus hearing Obamas words about illegal immigration can’t believe that and instead think the words and policy belong to Trump. In the UK, I predict 5 more year of BREXIT as the election produces a no majority for any party followed by 6 months of infighting to create a Government. Why anyone really wants to deprive their kids of an opportunity to live and work in another culture is beyond me but its probably down to climate change I suspect.

Meanwhile, audio book sales look strong – see people can’t be bothered to think, imagine or work at all. They want it on a plate with no work. Climate change. Damned climate change.

BTW – as an example, I was recently informed by an extinction rebellion cultist and eco fascist that the evil oil industry should be shut down. But, said I, you are wearing plastic clothing, holding a plastic iPad and living with plastic carpets and furniture… I mean, where do you think plastic comes from? I asked. A plastics factory, he said. Otherwise known as an oil refinery, I replied. He looked shocked, his eyes glazed over before he said…. 97% of scientists say it is so and turned away…… Climate change again.


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