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Someone is Listening

I got a report from Spotify this week. Apparently, my songs were listened to for a total of 14,000 minutes in 2018. OK – it’s only 9.72 days but, for an unknown guy in his late 50’s, I’m quite pleased. Spotify is only one place to hear my music – it’s available to and hopefully listened to on many other platforms like Deezer, iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, and Reverbnation to name a few. Someone is listening. In the run-up to Christmas, I treated myself to a couple of things to try to get my sound quality even better in 2019. I bought a pre-amp for the microphone to try to beef up vocal quality and a synth keyboard for better keyboard dexterity – I was using the QWERTY keyboard! Some of the

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My Personal Ecdysis

So strange That moment When you realize You never lived at all It was a life for sure But what was it all about? Strutting on life’s stage All sound and fury Yet signifying ‘not nothing’ Rather lived as expectation Being what you thought You should be But what do I want to be? Who am I really? I’ve masks upon masks So deep, I forget Which might be the real me I begin to peel Layer after sticky layer I peel so deep It really hurts And even now I’m unsure If I’ve reached the core Or, am confused myself As to where my skin Ends and really begins Have I reached my true insides? Is that why I’m feeling sore? I shed each skin And then begin To

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