Other Eyes

Sometimes I see things. Its been that way all of my life.

Now, when I say ‘see’, I’m not sure this is an accurate description yet it is the only word I can use. I see and feel all at the same time and the two ‘senses’ are somehow merged as if one. As an example, a few months ago, as two friends and I stood within a stone circle close by the Scottish border, I ‘saw’ a lady step out from behind one of the stones and smile. Her hair was loose and flowing in the wind and she wore a flowing gown of sheer simplicity. As I mentioned to my friends “Oh, we have a visitor!” They both looked down the approach path expecting someone, well, physical. Then, they felt the power of this being almost together and simultaneously and realized what I was remarking on. I don’t think either of them saw what I saw but they felt the sudden energy shift as this being approached – as did I.

The Stone Circle and Approach

I sometimes wonder if I ‘see’ anything at all really. Maybe the energy that I detect simply takes on a form in my mind that best suits it. It kind of reminds me of the scene on Ghost Busters….. you know, the one where he thinks of a marshmallow man? Maybe that is exactly how it works?

To be honest, I hadn’t realized how strong my ‘seeing’ was until relatively recently even though it is something I have had all my life. Some would term this a ‘gift’. But if its a gift all I can say is for most of my life it has been the source of my fear. These days, I have grown to accept it and perhaps, I do now think of it as a gift. Though, this would be a recent change of heart.

Of course, I cannot prove that I see things. I cannot photograph what it is I see. Others can share the experience with me in some form but that is not proof either. It is intuition and second sight. To me, it is real as the computer screen sitting in front of me. To others, it may be evidence of the grip of some insanity. Yet, this intuition is almost, if not always, correct. In recent years, I have found myself simply accepting it and perhaps even integrating it into my sensory tools. And, for me, this is enough. I do not feel the need to prove it to anyone. I can now simply accept it and make use of it when needed. Trust me, it doesn’t half come in useful at times….




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