Someone is Listening

I got a report from Spotify this week. Apparently, my songs were listened to for a total of 14,000 minutes in 2018. OK – it’s only 9.72 days but, for an unknown guy in his late 50’s, I’m quite pleased. Spotify is only one place to hear my music – it’s available to and hopefully listened to on many other platforms like Deezer, iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, and Reverbnation to name a few. Someone is listening.

In the run-up to Christmas, I treated myself to a couple of things to try to get my sound quality even better in 2019. I bought a pre-amp for the microphone to try to beef up vocal quality and a synth¬†keyboard for better keyboard dexterity – I was using the QWERTY keyboard! Some of the songs I put out this year I think are the best quality and compositions I have so far managed. I’m particularly proud of This is your song – an atmospheric love song It’s my life – a bit of a rocker and the melodic mix of End of the world.

I wish I knew how to promote my music better beyond Facebook and Twitter. I know that half my FB friends don’t know about the music as FB wants me to pay to alert them. But, other than that and blogging, I’m clueless really how to promote them without playing live. The problem is that without a band, playing live is a tad difficult. However, in 2019, this is my goal – to find a way to play live even if it is partly using pre-recorded backing tracks.

I also got photographs from a renowned rock photographer to help create a slightly more edgy image than the half-assed selfies I was using.

Photo – Walter Novak

So, if you haven’t heard my music – do please give it a listen and if you have, please remember to stop by and check out my newer material. I’d like to increase those minutes next year….

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