My Personal Ecdysis

So strange

That moment

When you realize

You never lived at all

It was a life for sure

But what was it all about?

Strutting on life’s stage

All sound and fury

Yet signifying ‘not nothing’

Rather lived as expectation

Being what you thought

You should be

But what do I want to be?

Who am I really?

I’ve masks upon masks

So deep, I forget

Which might be the real me

I begin to peel

Layer after sticky layer

I peel so deep

It really hurts

And even now I’m unsure

If I’ve reached the core

Or, am confused myself

As to where my skin

Ends and really begins

Have I reached my true insides?

Is that why I’m feeling sore?

I shed each skin

And then begin

To grow another

So where is my core?

My true inner being

Beyond the skin

Beyond the bone

Flowing like blood

Beyond my cells

Maybe somewhere else?

Maybe not within?


2 thoughts on “My Personal Ecdysis

  1. Deep stuff. Maybe there is no centre. Perhaps that’s one of the keys… To try to replicate an egoic perspective may be doomed to repeat the process. Maybe the journey is the other way…

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