Living Ghosts

My latest Kindle Short in the Paranormal Eyewitness series is titled – Ghosts of the Living. I guess that is a sort of mismatch of terms – ghosts of living people….. and therein lies the fun of this book. What I discovered is that there are a number of ways that living people can appear as ghosts…. here are a few – bilocation, doppelgangers, and astral projection. So I covered these and other similar phenomena and I arrived at a conclusion that I rather like actually.

In moments of danger, stress, or near sleep, we probably all have the ability to bilocate or be in two places at once. The book is filled with short but real examples as well.

Funnily enough, I was telling a friend about the book this weekend and they told me a rather amazing story that could have been in the book. It goes like this…

A family were haunted by a young woman’s ghosts for many months. The ¬†ghost did not want them in the house and in the end, the family could stand it no longer and put the house on the market. A few days later, a prospective buyer viewed the house and fell in love with it making a good offer. When the family met the woman making the offer, they were horrified to find the ‘ghost’ that had been haunting the house….. The woman so liked the house that she inadvertently bilocated there as a ghost?

Nice story huh?

Why not take a look at the book – Ghosts of the Living – out now on Kindle. Buy it here for just 99 cents.

Recent reviews – all 5-stars

G. Michael Vasey has earned another 5 star review! If you are at all interested in true stories of everyday paranormal encounters, then this book is a must read. And I promise that by the last page of this book, you will be a lifelong fan of G. Michael Vasey books.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I wish it were a bit longer and had more personal stories in it.

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