Project Some Love…

In the recent past few months there seems to be so much fear, hate and misplaced anger around. It is everywhere – politics, social media, the news…… I reckon its all done to control us and stop us from reaching our potential and destiny. The more afraid we are the more negative our thoughts….Those thoughts are an energy that ripples out into the matrix of reality and colors everything they touch.

8be1d-10844268_1516710168612973_1514369083_nWell, you know, there are enough people doing this – projecting fear and negativity and hate so why don’t you and I do something different. I am an Aquarian after all and therefore a tad different but I reckon it might be fun and spiteful on all the doom and gloomers, hate and divide and woe is me merchants just to project some love, hope and charity instead. It’s not that difficult to do and it will have an impact…..

Are you with me?

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