All Aboard The Magical Mystery Tour On The Pink Bus!

The Pink Bus and other TalesThe Pink Bus and Other Strange Tales From LaLa Land is out on Kindle and an audio book is also in the works already narrated by Lorraine Ansell.

Thrill to the strangeness, and humor, of the pink bus; shiver and shudder at the creepy mirror antics faced by Andrew; delight in the tale of Deja Vu – and wonder to yourselves about the nature of reality, the capabilities (so often under-utilised) of human beings and the mysteries of dreaming, life and death.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What happens when I die? If I just cease to exist then what was the point?”

If you have these vignettes/short stories will entertain you. You see, I’m still trying to answer those questions and, with my inquiring nature, I have developed all sorts of ideas and thoughts about what reality might be and what may happen when we die. On the other hand, these may be simply imaginings and may bear no actual resemblance to the final truth – whatever that is. LaLa land is that place we go in our imagination when we daydream – It is a land full of magic, mystery and endless alternatives as well as perhaps an answer or two.

So, buy your ticket to ride on the Pink Bus and take the reality tour of a lifetime through LaLa Land. All aboard for a magical, mystery, tour.

THE PINK BUS And Other Strange Tales From LaLa Land.: by G. Michael Vasey.

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