My Haunted Life Out Soon in Audio Book Format

My Haunted Life Series Audiobooks

My Haunted Life – A Compendium of Strange (but True) Stories of the ParanormalThe original started in the My Haunted Life series will shortly be out in audiobook format. It is narrated by alan Philip Ormond just like My Haunted Life Too. You can check out a sound sample of the forthcoming book here.

Alan is now busy at work on My Haunted Life 3 so that in a few weeks time, the entire series as well as the Extreme Edition will be available as audio books all narrated by Alan.




Tales From LaLa Land
Additionally, my new book Tales From LaLa Land will also soon be available in kindle format. LaLa Land is a set of short stories and vignettes all themed around the nature of reality. The stories will make you think – I hope! Stories include So Many Questions, a rewritten version of The Meaning of Christmas, A Dying Experience, Joining the Dots, An Unexpected Reunion, Birthday Vacation, The Gift of Knowing, The Long Night, The Meditation, The actor, Wounded Kings, The Dream,The Pink Bus, The Mermaid, Deja Vu, and Built To Last. I’m just waiting on a cover!

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