My Haunted Life Too

MY HAUNTED LIFE TOO. Ghosts. Demons. Haunted. Creepy True Tales. Terrifying true Tales of the Paranormal. by G. Michael Vasey – A 2015 #1 best seller in the Supernatural category!

Come along and scare yourself with these very, very strange, often terrifying and creepy tales… Scary ghosts, frightening entities, haunted places, creepy tales of the unexplained supernatural and paranormal. True stories of the supernatural.

Have you ever felt you were being watched?
Have you ever been terrorized by an entity?
Have you ever lived in a haunted house?
Have you ever seen a specter?

“In front of her, down at the bottom of the stairs, she saw what looked like a small demon…..

The figure then seemed to gently glide farther away into the shadows of the undergrowth at the back of the garden as if hiding itself…

It was when the scratching sounds started that he called someone in again…”

“I have a man here with me in spirit who would like to warn you about that motorbike that you have. He is showing me that you will have an accident, so be careful. He is young, this man, and he is wearing motorcycle gear. He passed some time ago, though,” said the medium.

The lights flickered a bit and the footsteps resumed. The stairs creaked as something slowly and purposefully came down the stairs. With each creak, each sigh and each little noise, one of us would jump.

To his utter horror, he realized that it was a human skull as he watched it rolling away into the undergrowth.

As he sat there, he began to feel the tombstone move underneath him.

MY HAUNTED LIFE TOO. Ghosts. Demons. Haunted. Creepy True Tales. True Tales of the Paranormal.
Book 2 of 3 in The MY HAUNTED LIFE series by G. Michael Vasey.

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Now also available in audio book format narrated by Allan Philip Ormond.


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My Haunted Life Too Reviews

This short collection of paranormal accounts takes us in a dizzying ride from Vasey’s childhood in Yorkshire, through creepy holidays in caravans and haunted cottages, into the truly nasty contents of American basements and, ultimately, on to the more spiritual, even uplifting, side of what we commonly refer to as a haunting experience. At the same time, this down-to-earth, mainly understated, series of stories asks the reader to think about the nature of reality – and, indeed, of our perception. How, Vasey asks, can we ever be sure of the reality of anything or anyone? How do we know that the experiential package we choose to name ‘yesterday’ actually happened in any concrete sense? And these questions, by their very nature, throw open the whole much-vaunted debate about ghosts, presences and otherworldly monsters. Vasey’s book is effective precisely because of its every day, undemonstrative nature. The settings are ones we have all been in: The holiday caravan, the bedroom, the scenic walk, the office. This is the normal, familiar world – and yet Vasey has suggested another world lying parallel to ours, or visitors from another time/space – or creatures who cling to certain surroundings for a purpose we cannot see. It is frightening because it does not exaggerate. It chills the marrow because we can believe, only too readily, that those flickering lights in our own twenty-first century homes could be the start of an eleventh century ‘visitation’; that nature, on our own favourite stroll, could play strange tricks upon our senses. I romped through the book, fascinated and absorbed. At times, the hair stood up on the back of my neck; at other times, I gloried in the Goddess’ abundant gifts and very much identified with the benison such generosity can confer. My own personal favourites were the lovely leaf rain section and the vision of the Nazarene – but I enjoyed all of it, and thoroughly recommend the book to anyone who has an interest in paranormal events. - Reviewer on

Vasey takes the reader on an informal, fun account of real paranormal experiences. The stories are a quick read in a different setting (for me) as the scenes are in Europe. The stories here are plausable enough to make them a little more creepy and engaging for the audience. Also, great cover art- what hooked my interest. - Reviewer on

I couldn't put this down. Super interesting and refreshingly honest. I'm super ready to check out his other books now. - Reviewer on