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God’s Pretenders: Incredible True Stories of magic and AlchemyI am pleased to announce the availability of God’s Pretenders in audio book form narrated by Lorraine Ansell. It is available at all Amazon sites and also at Audible. Harry Potter has nothing on these real wizards and alchemists who wielded God-like magical powers and performed the most amazing magical spells.

These amazing magicians, wizards, and warlocks could:

Change the weather
Heal the sick
Raise the dead
Turn lead into gold
Be in two places at once
Make fire with their will power
Live forever and never age
The book contains chapters on the following magicians:

Apollonius of Tyana – Wizard, Wanderer & Sage
Simon Magus – The Pretender Messiah
Michael Scot – The Great Scottish Wizard
Nicholas Flamel and the Book of Abraham the Jew
Paracelsus and the Beginnings of Science
Henry Cornelius Agrippa – The Occult Philosopher
John Dee & Edward Kelly – Elizabethan Magical Adventurers
Sir Francis Bacon / St. Germain – Royal Adept?
Sir Isaac Newton – Scientist and Secret Alchemist
Eliphas Levi – Founder of Modern Magic
Austin Osman Spare – Artist and Dark Magician
Frantisek Bardon – The Czech Master Magician
The Ordinary Magician – A Modern Tale of Magick

Listen now to learn about the amazing lives of real magicians and discover that fact is indeed often stranger than fiction….

Terrifying True Stories of Ghosts, Hauntings and the ParanormalIn addition, Your Haunted Lives is now also available everywhere in paperback format!

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