God’s Pretenders: Incredible True Stories of magic and Alchemy

GOD’S PRETENDERS.: Incredible True Stories of Magic and Alchemy

G. Michael Vasey spins 13 true, biographical and mystifying tales of black magic, alchemy and the supernatural, as he explores the strange and mysterious lives of real historical wizards and alchemists that wielded God-like magical powers and performed the most amazing feats. These men were reputed to possess amazing magical powers and could perform the most miraculous such as changing the weather, healing the sick, raising the dead, turning lead into gold, being in two places at once, making fire with their will power, levitation, living forever and never aging, and much more.

From the mysterious Apollonius of Tyana, a Wizard, Wanderer & Sage to the dark chaos magic of English artist Austin Osman Spare, from the defamed Pretender Messiah, Simon Magus to the wife swapping antics of the medieval magical adventurers, John Dee & Edward Kelly, you will be entertained and enthralled by these special people.

Read about the amazing and mystiying lives of real magicians and discover that fact is indeed often stranger than fiction….

GOD’S PRETENDERS.: Incredible True Stories of Magic and Alchemy. The amazing lives of illustrious men who practiced magic and alchemy through the ages by G. Michael Vasey

God’s Pretenders: Incredible True Stories of magic and Alchemy Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which provides a fascinating insight into historical magicians ranging from early Greece and the time of Christ right up to the modern day with a fascinating account of an ‘adept’. The book is well-written in a style that will appeal to both novices and those with a wider understanding of the subject while the author’s knowledge and passion for his work shines through on each page. A well-researched book that also contains a list of recommended reading that definitely requires further investigation. - Reviewer on Amazon.co.uk

I liked this book a lot and am now busy researching many of the clues left in it. It starts of as a kind of fantasy but then ties everything in to an overall message from a modren perspective that maybe some of these characters from long ago were not fantasy at all..- Reviewer on Amazon.com

For anyone interested in the history of Magick, this is an essential buy. The book has great stories about some of the most notable figures in occult history told in in a way that will fascinate the reader and provide an introduction into their lives. Dr Vasey writes in a way that will entice the reader into wanting more. - Reviewer on amazon.co.uk