What Price A Review?

For the last few days, I have been reaching out asking for reviews on Amazon. The take up has been very minimal. I don’t really understand why my books only get one or two reviews probably because I like to review books that I read. Anyhow, if you have read one of my books, do please consider reviewing it on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be a long review, it doesn’t have to be good – just honest.

Meanwhile, I’m quite thrilled to see Your Haunted Lives riding in the top 4 of Amazon UK‘s supernatural category. It has been #1 several times already and that really is gratifying. It’s not doing quite so well in the US though – it’s in the top 100 there in the same category. That is my next goal I suppose – to get the #1 spot in the US as well. Thanks to all who bought the book.

Don’t forget too that Ghosts In The Machines is also now out on audio book read by the talented Darren Marlar – you can hear his voice on the Weird Darkness podcast series btw.

Here is the sample from soundcloud.

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