The Mystical Hexagram – 2nd Edition

This weekend, the paperback and kindle versions of The Mystical Hexagram – 2nd Edition became available. The book is a joint project with prolific author Sue Vincent, who incidentally designed the beautiful new cover. An additional chapter is contained in the book along with some tidying up and corrections. Overall, I am very pleased with the new version.


The book originates as a follow up to Inner Journeys – my first book that outlines how I found the Servants of The Light School, went through its 5-year course and emerged a different person complete with an inner contact I came to know as Asteroth. For several years, I continued to meditate and guided by that inner contact, discovered that the hexagram is a key to unlocking the potential of may magickal systems including Qabalah, Alchemy and Tarot. Much of what is in the core of the book is really received information. Unable to finish the book, I asked Sue to help and she very kindly agreed, editing the content I had put together and then adding a powerful introduction and what I consider to be one of the best overviews of the Tree of Life that you can read (In fact, worth the price of the book all by itself). The result is a slightly strange, deeply mystical work that I believe will resonate with those it is meant to resonate with……

Take a look at the new edition of The Mystical Hexagram by G. Michael Vasey and Sue Vincent……


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