Life’s Tipping Point and It’s Impact

How often do you think ahead, plan and look forward to things? How often do you find yourself reflecting back on the past? The reason I ask is because it struck me recently that there comes a time in life when looking back becomes more important than looking forwards. I now call this Life‘s Tipping Point.

The idea began to formulate when I was writing How to Create Your Own Reality. I had read an article on experiments that suggested that aging is mostly in your head and it struck a chord with me and the idea that we create our own reality partially as a result of what we think and imagine. The article was fascinating in that it showed that memory or recall in older people could be significantly improved just by convincing people that they were young and vibrant as opposed to young and forgetful. You see, becoming forgetful as we age is what I call a personal conspiracy theory. We believe it and so it is. It doesn’t have to be believed and if we can change our personal conspiracy theory, we can improve our life.

I began to think about my state of mind as I age and it suddenly hit me. As I get older, I spend more time looking back than looking forward. Oh how that contrasts with me when I was say 18. Back then, I was always planning and looking ahead. At some point in the last 10-years or so, I began to look back more than I look forward and in doing so, I tipped my life balance towards aging and I stopped animating my future with energy. Instead, I am giving that energy to my past – something that I cannot do much about.

I think we all do this. The symptoms are things like not being able to deal with new fangled technologies, not liking changes in our life structure and aging in mind and body. But, we can stop or at least arrest this by understanding what the tipping point is and by moving that tipping point out. All we have to do is continually plan, look forward and think of the future with excitement while not dwelling so much thought on the past.

Never look back they say. I agree.


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