I will tell you this
In a moment of honesty
I would love to be your celebrity
Come on you papparazzi
You can follow me
Snap your snaps and invade my privacy
Follow me around in your idiocy
I want to be wanted
I want to be liked
Most of all I want that life
Married to a famous wife
I’ll sign my autograph
Give it on a photograph
I wanna be a star
I wanna go far
I’ll happily be your celebrity
Smile with insincerity
Give my star studded opinion
I want to be in
the in crowd
Cool, I am ice
Even if I’m not so nice
Love me
Follow me
Scream and holler
Its no bother
Want to be your celebrity
Want you to follow me
Wouldn’t that be total fun
Forever on the run
Known everywhere
Eyes stare
Give it to me
I am celebrity


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