I Am A Stage

The light shines in my face
The rock n roll is loud here
Guitar screams and bass thunders
Reverberating in my head
Stereo composition drives
The beat is sensual and strong
This is my own made up song
Making it up as I go along
There are no rules
Cos’ rules are for Fools
There are no requirements
Except to entertain
The song in my head
Doesn’t actually exist
And yet that song rocks
I am a stage – a venue
I am all the rage – rocking too
A driving beat moves me
It is the engine of my life
Pumping, thumping along
It’s the heart that drives this song
Making it up as I go along
I can’t do anything wrong
Life throbs and pulses
Mind over matter
Inside over outside
A rock n roll ride
That song inside
Keeps me jiving
I am the Lord of the dance, said He
But, the dance is inside of me
In my heart
Tiphareth rocks
To the song of life


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