Get a Grip!

Tomorrow sees the release of my new book – How To Create Your Own Reality in kindle and paperback formats. Pre-orders have been strong and the book is already ranking on bestseller lists on Amazon! Yes – I am creating my own reality and the book outlines how. I do think that readers of the book will certainly have food for thought along with some techniques to try out. I also believe that anyone who reads the book might just change their outlook on life and, if they do that, then they will change their reality because that change in outlook will have an impact.

The content of the book is drawn from many blog articles written over the last several years that have been edited, added to and organized to add up to a powerful punch of creative thinking and practice. I know one thing for certain and that is when I gave this book to my book publicist, things changed in his reality almost immediately after reading it!

create your own reality cover 3Thoughts are real. Thoughts are things. Thoughts create.

This book will show you how to potentially regain control of your world and your life. It will teach you how negative thoughts, our  personal conspiracy theories and the outside world all conspire to clutter and even control your thinking. In turn, this impacts how you create your life – your reality.

Break free and get a grip!

Learn how.

Learn how to use the techniques that top athletes use to be successful, learn what prayer really is, learn about magic and long-known techniques to create your own reality.

This isn’t The Secret. This is the key to unlock your future. Don’t miss it.

Pop over and see the book trailer video here and order your copy now – here.

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