Taking Responsibility

Last night I saw someone had shared an “Occupy Democrat” post on Facebook. I find it quiet interesting how such political propaganda (from all sides) like this gets air time and even more interesting are the comments. However, these things are lies designed to manipulate, polarize and alienate. I will use the words of someone else to describe what I mean…

Lies and Deception are the enemy of the Truth. They are put forward into the minds and hearts of the people of Earth by those who rage against what is. They are spoken, propagated and acted upon by those with a vested interest in keeping the understanding of the Truth from reaching the Consciousness of each individual.

Lies and deception are insidious, for once they have been believed and accepted by well-meaning individuals, these individuals, in their ignorance, become agents for the spread of these falsehoods. This is how lies and propaganda are spread from generation to generation. A parent is indoctrinated into the lie, and then the parent indoctrinates their children, who in turn indoctrinate their children, and so on, down through the generations.
(From Whatonearthishappening.com – Note: I do not suggest that this website is worth visiting but these words struck me as very well written).

I particularly like the phrase ‘rage against what is’. Just take a look at Facebook or any activist website and you will see that these people ‘rage against what is”. I fall in to the same trap at times as I rage against the ignorance and total lack of thinking of people who simply accept this stuff without question.

We all spread these lies often in a well meaning and well intentioned way – but they are insidious lies and propaganda and we need to really take responsibility and stop.

Back to the ‘Occupy Democrats’ propaganda I started with. The crux of the matter is that industry and the jobs have been lost to the USA because ‘big evil money making corporations, supported by their partners in crime, Republicans (crosses himself vigorously) have progressively destroyed US industry via free trade agreements and their greed. Sorry, thats not true.

Here is the truth.

You – yes you. You want more and more consumer goods and luxury items. You want them cheap, you want them now. When you tire of them, you dump them but you dump them for the next best thing because you want more and more for less and less. That’s you in a nutshell right? Well, guess what, this means that you buy cheaper goods from places like China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, even Japan. You don’t buy more expensive goods produced in the US or the UK. Spotting this, business owners try to satisfy your craving by finding ways to bring you those goods at the price you want to pay. So they move the production of the goods to a cheaper location. Hell, it might even by your job that gets moved to China. So you see, the truth is you are to blame. Only when you stop trying to blame everyone and everything and perpetuate political parties that help you think its someone else’s fault, will things get better.

You want a revolution? Start with yourself.

truth hurts

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