Thrilling, Enjoyable, Classy, Fun, Fast-paced….

There is a common theme to the reviews of The Last Observer – see if you can spot it! Here are a selection of snippets – to read more please visit the publisher’s page.

..script-writers alert; this would make a cracking film! I enjoyed it immensely

..if you just want a great ride, this book will thrill you..

Really enjoyed the book..

The Last Observer is a classy, well crafted novella which leaves the reader satisfied and hooked. Great read.

..a small part of me would love to see the dialogue in Chapter Twenty – Zeltan Speaks performed by Al Pacino just as he did his famous defense of the human condition as Satan in the movie version of The Devil’s Advocate. If you liked that scene, you’ll enjoy this strikingly honest appraisal of modern magic.

..I couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it!!

.. I am still pondering the surprising ending,..

I had trouble putting it down to go to work or sleep.

.. keeps you turning the pages..

The Last Observer is a fun adventure..

It was a captivating mystery from the start with an unexpected twist at the end.

It is a very fast paced read with more emphasis on action than on detail… or so it seems until you realize that along with the dose of entertainment you’ve been drawn in to an intense lesson on the nature of reality.

Definitely a recommended read!

Come on Gary can’t leave it there!

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