Knights in Shining Armour

In the Mystical Hexagram, I talk of the horny hardened matter that we build up through life and I have discussed it another post on this blog too. As we get older, we lose our imaginative abilities to a great extent and we lose our childlike qualities. We form a shield if you will, against hurt, against pain, against trust, against the rest of the world. We hide. Our own experiences can make this hardened layer impermeable and impenetrable like a layer of very hard and rough skin.

by Albrecht Durer

by Albrecht Durer

In the past, this defensive skin has been portrayed as horns of hardened material why? because there is a relationship to the dark Moon – to Selene – for as we grow our horns of life – we sleep easier. The hardened material is seen as horn like as it echoes the crescent shape of the Moon. We become creatures of the Moon sleeping as opposed to those awakened initiates who strive for the Sun. It is the hardened dross of life that ought to be burned off and liberated through fission. Instead we wear our shining armour with pride. We, like the Moon, become (k)nights in shining armour – we reflect the Sun in our sleep-like state.

As I stated in the article ‘Life is but a dream‘, that is until you remember how to imagine. How to center yourself and imagine. Learn how to dream again. How to cast off the horny matter and transform the experiences – no matter what they are – into something of eternal value and meaning. Something spiritual and energizing. The combination of childish imagination skills and the adult’s experiences of life to at first remember to row, gently DOWN the stream, merrily understanding, it is YOUR dream and you can create your own reality.

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