The Journey Home

Did you think there was no coming back
Did you think I was digging my own hole
Eyes seeking eyes lips seeking lips
Anger rises and with words on the attack
Come on surely you didn’t think…
But of course you did, didn’t you
It’s raining memories now as I understand
My dreams and my thoughts just made that link
Insane, it’s just another bloody mess
Life is like that when we truly do learn
Hanging upside down to see you right
Is there something you’d like to confess?
Hand in hand, walking through stills
Pictured the way the lens remembered you
It’s a slog, a long climb towards the Sun
A life rich in bumps, holes and hilly hills
Drenched in salty sweat and tears
Life goes on and on (and on)
I’m drifting, simply drifting away
Carried there by the words of an ageless seer.


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