Ice Symbols

Finally we have some snow here in Prague. As I look out of the window today of the room that serves for my office, it is that beautiful grey sky, leaden with intent, snowflakes falling gently and undisturbed whiteness everywhere. I love such days. Its forecast to be this way for a few days too so maybe we will get some sledging in before it all melts. Snow is marvelous if you think about. Unique crystals of the stuff that show the miracle of creation in every flake. A warm blanket of cold stuff for Mother Earth. Initially perfect in every way.

I say initially because it melts eventually turning into freezing cold puddles of brownish mess. Before it melts, it gets hardened and compacted and covered with yellowish patches where the dogs melted it. Sometimes the whiteness is washed with dirt and mud from passing cars and the snow becomes a collector of dirt. Eventually, it all melts away and disappears revealing once more the green fecundity it once hid.

1-IMG_1709 (2)

It’s all cycles. Birth and death. Freshness and staleness. Freezing and melting. It’s the natural way of things and if you contemplate it, you will find that like everything else, it is a symbol with many meanings and much to be learned…..

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